Arizona State University


The BSW and MSW programs in the School of Social Work both have a significant number of Indian students. Field placements are available in tribal and urban Indian programs. The
Office of American Indian Projects, which is headed by Edwin Gonzalez-Santin, MSW, serves as a resource for Native American Social Work students and students who are interested in practicing social work in Native American communities.

University of Minnesota - Duluth

The priorities of the Department of Social Work include preparing culturally competent advanced generalist social workers, emphasizing services with American Indians and their communities, services to children and families, and social work education for practice in rural settings.

American Indian Projects (AIP) provides support and advocacy for American Indian social work students, dialogs with Elders, and field placements in Native communities. AIP, which is seeking to effectively serve Indian people, receives guidance from an Elders’ council.

John Day, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, is the director of AIP. Other AIP faculty members are Priscilla A. Day, Anishinabe, MSW, EdD; Muskadee Montano, Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Tribe, MSW; and Evie Campbell, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, MSW.

Dr. John Day says,
“According to a Council on Social Work Education’s 2006 survey, the UMD Social Work program ranks 6th among MSW programs in raw numbers for both enrolled American Indian students and American Indian graduates: and first in percentages relating to both of these categories (i.e., in 2006, 15% of our enrolled students and 14% of our graduates were American Indian- both of which were highest in the nation). We continue at this pace for the 2010/2011 academic year where 6 of 46 (13%) of the entering students are American Indian.  There are four American Indian graduates out of 27 (14%), among the graduating class this year.”

University of Utah

The active recruitment of Indians into social work by faculty members, Dan Edwards, Yurok, DSW, and Margie Edwards, dates back to 1971. A variety of support services are available for Indian students. The vast majority of the University of Utah’s 185 Indian social work graduates are working with American Indian populations or with populations that include American Indians.

Washington University


The Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies is charged with developing Buder scholars who will serve as leaders in Indian Country . Buder scholars have the same MSW program requirements as other George Warren Brown School of Social Work students. In addition, they are required to take the American-Indian-focused courses that the Buder Center offers each semester. Molly Tovar, EdD, former director of leadership for the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Schools Program, was appointed director of the Buder Center in 2010.